Donation Made To Computers For Schools

Recently, Accent decided to donate some of our previously used monitors, computers, and related equipment to Computers For Schools Manitoba. Computers for Schools refurbishes computers and distributes them across Manitoba to schools, libraries, aboriginal communities, not-for-profit learning organizations and post-secondary students. Accent is pleased to support education by having students and educators make use of equipment that we no longer need!

Some facts about Computers for Schools: 

  • Computers for Schools provides an average of 5000 refurbished computers per year to eligible clients who may not otherwise have access to affordable technology.
  • On average, Computers for Schools Manitoba diverted more than 500,000 lbs of e-waste from our landfills a year.
  • They employ recent graduates from various IT programs to test, clean and refurbish equipment as part of our work experience program.




T: 800.665.9378

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