Featured Product: The Hokki Stool

Featured Product: The Hokki Stool

The Original, Patented, Movement Stool!

Being seated on a Hokki Stool means playful movement, activity, and being in good spirits. An active stool for big and small, for use in Kindergarten to high school, in school play areas and even at home.

Controlled freedom of movement stimulates the entire musculoskeletal system in a great variety of ways. Such activity is liberating and increases the sense of well-being. Body and mind are activated and the natural urge to move around is supported in a productive way.

Brains thrive when bodies are free to move around and this stool provides subtle movement increasing focus and engagement. After a long time of focus, this Hokki Stool is a perfect seat to loosen up the muscles and reactivate the brain.


  • Made from sturdy, durable and extremely scratch-resistant polypropylene
  • Slight seat recess, filled with soft plastic foam for comfort
  • Facilitates free mobility under controlled conditions thanks to rounded set-down surfaces which stimulate the full apparatus of movement
  • Easy to carry with ergonomic, wave-shaped seat edge for gripping which also prevents the stool from rolling off
  • Easy to transport and can be stacked with others to save space

Available in a variety of sizes and colours!

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