Featuring: AeraMax Air Purifiers

Did you know the average person inhales 3,000 gallons of air every day, with most people spending 90% of their time indoors and nine hours per day in shared environments-spaces that are up to five times more polluted than outdoors?

Here at Accent, we have a solution to clean the air effectively – the AeraMax purifiers! 

Office buildings and schools are a prime example of a space that we share for upwards of 9 hours every day and have a constant flow of students, visitors, employees, who bring viruses, germs and pathogens into the school or workplace with them. Couple that with odors from food left in wastebaskets, conference rooms and common areas. 

The AeraMax air purifier is about cleaning the air we share!

The AeraMax Professional four-stage filtration process uses the following proven methods to effectively clean the air.

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