Featuring GreenSpace

Featuring GreenSpace

Enjoy the relaxing and inviting sensory textures of the GreenSpace rugs! These rugs can be placed anywhere and are comfortable, casual, and are low maintenance. These rugs are manufactured from premium, eco-friendly synthetic fibers, and the grass blades are specifically engineered to resist matting and crushing. 

Equally capable indoors or out, GreenSpace is available in shapes and sizes that will coordinate with a wide range of classroom décor.  

Different sizes and shapes available: 

  • 4'x6' rectangle 
  • 4'x6' jellybean
  • 6'x9' rectangle 
  • 6'x9' jellybean
  • 12'x9' rectangle
  • 12'x9' jellybean
  • 7'6'' Round
  • 18'' Round


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E; info@accentenvironments.com

T: 800.665.9378

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