From the Educators Eyes

From the Educators Eyes

We always love to hear feedback from teachers, students and other staff who have experienced using our Accentuated Learning Environment. Here are a few comments from a variety of educators. 

"I love the versatility and variety of the furniture from Accent Environments. Having the option to seat students in groups at round tables, or individually at desks is a luxury that is often not available due to the type of furniture often found in classrooms. I particularly like being able to rearrange my classroom frequently and effortlessly. The shapes of the tables and the fact that they can be pieced together into a variety of formations is great for group discussions, large or small! My students comment frequently on the rocking chairs, which they love, and they also enjoy the fact that they have the opportunity to sit at both tables and desks throughout the school year! Thank you!" - Clearsprings Middle School, Hanover School Division

"The kids are beginning to understand where they want to be in the room depending on the activity, their mood and the time of day.  I see a lot more collaboration and with the reminder; " It works as long as you do", it has been quite successful.  I have found the kids more engaged!  Math has been incredible as has inquiry time that affords them a little more freedom of movement and behaviour." – Grosvenor School, Winnipeg School Division

"The main thing that I can comment on is that the students are more engaged in their learning and are learning many social skills about sharing our classroom furniture. Each student has the "choice" to try different modes throughout the day. Many students are finding out about themselves as learners and which style and type of work area help them to focus and feel comfortable in their surroundings. This, in turn, contributes to positive work ethic and lower negative social behaviors." – Samuel Burland School, Louis Riel School Division

Click here: to watch the Early Years and the High School Testimonial videos we recently released! 

Accentuated Learning Environments are an inclusive learning environment that balances the needs of each student's personal learning style, recognizes individual communication styles, and supports flexible teaching styles for the educator. These inclusive learning environments are improving student engagment, increase inclusion and reducing behavioural issues every day! To learn how to create this environment in your school today, give us a call at 1-800-665-9378 or email us at!

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