How do I select appropriate colours for my space?

How do I select appropriate colours for my space?

COLOURS - they can be fun and exciting but often challenging! Colours play a large part in perceptions and psychology, so they are a critical step in design.

So how do I select appropriate colours for my space? 

  1. Hire an interior designer to coordinate colours & finishes. They can provide multiple colour scheme options, and their training will ensure the right decisions are made when combining patterns & colours.


  1. If it's not possible to utilize an interior designer, do the 'big' stuff in neutrals and add pops of colour with items that can be changed easily and are inexpensive. (Artwork, throw pillows, tackboards, etc. to add personality)


  1. Make decisions using large swatches of the paint/carpet/upholstery/laminate/window coverings/etc. in the actual space(s) because the lighting significantly affects the end result.


  1. Also, consider your 'decisions' from a distance - have somebody hold up the samples together in the space and then move away 20-30 feet. Patterns and colours may appear different at a distance from what they look like up close.

Take time to ensure the colours you choose are appropriate for the space!


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