How to: Keep my Whiteboards Clean

How to: Keep my Whiteboards Clean

Whiteboards – a super valuable tool for sharing ideas, visualizing thoughts, and teaching lessons!

However, as you write, erase, sketch, and rub out, sometimes this results in streaks and marks that will not wipe away.

Here are five tips to keep your whiteboard looking sparkling clean!  

  1. Clean your board often – set up a weekly or daily cleaning schedule (depending on how much it is used) to keep your board in good shape.

  2. Determine what your board is made of – each has its own characteristics for cleaning correctly!

  3. Use the correct markers, not permanent markers. However, if you do use a permanent marker by accident, trace over the content with a dry erase marker, erase it, and you’ll find it disappears!

  4. Make a weak solution of water mixed with a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid (NOT dishwasher!). Use a soft, clean cloth to wash the boards with the water/soap solution.

  5. Cleaning solutions can be ok but don’t use abrasive cleaners that can damage the whiteboard surface. Check your maintenance instructions before applying any cleaner! 

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