Is Your Golf Course Ready for the Summer Season?

Is Your Golf Course Ready for the Summer Season?

Summer is finally on the horizon and along with that comes the increase of socials, weddings, and other events!

Are you ready for the summer season? Create a welcoming space to host events and consider these 5 Must Haves: 

1) Speaker Systems + Podiums

A strong speaker system helps presenters to communicate across a large space and a scattered audience. To guarantee that your event venue is well-equipped, provide speakers, a podium, microphones, and other AV equipment.

Visitors expect to be able to hear and see what is going on, therefore this is a must-have in your facility!


2) Folding Tables + Chairs

Depending on the event, this makes it easy to transport and set up a large number of tables and seats quickly and efficiently. Foldable tables and chairs take up less space than regular ones, which is especially important in situations where space is limited, and they need to be stowed when not in use.

Browse through a couple variations or folding tables and chairs or reach out for more options!

3) Dining Furniture

Dining furniture is an essential part of your golf course! Dining furniture can help to create a welcoming environment, encouraging guests to remain longer and relax. Whether you are an avid golfer or a visitor to the facility, having comfortable dining seating and tables encourages customers to sit and enjoy a meal or drink!

In addition to your typical dining chairs, consider adding a soft seating nook or booth style seating to enhance both the area and the vibe.

4) Outdoor Seating/Benches/Patio Furniture

For many places, summer is only for a few months of the year so any opportunity to be outside is seized! Outdoor furniture is appealing and creates a positive first impression for visitors. When exposed to fresh air and an outside environment, many guests feel more at ease and calm.

Unlike standard folding tables and chairs, an outdoor space can offer a "wow" factor while also helping to distinguish the space from competitors.

Use outdoor furniture to enhance your facility!


Not seeing what you are looking for? Reach out because we can provide a wide array of ideas and options. 

5) Professional/Administrative Offices

Your guests are vital, but so are your employees! Ensure your staff offices are up to date, comfortable, safe, and productive. The appearance of your offices can say a lot about your facility. Updated and modern office furniture can give the impression that your facility is thriving and progressive, making it more attractive to customers, guests, and potential employees.


Of course, each golf course is unique and requires a distinct set of furnishings, so call us and let us assist you in designing your facility to make it tee-rific for the season! 

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