Phone Booths are Making a Comeback

Phone Booths are Making a Comeback

Phonebooths. Automatic thought - aren’t those essentially obsolete with the invention of the smartphone? Think again, this idea is making a comeback.

Not necessarily, the traditional phone booth we think of, but the concept of it is coming back. With employees heading back to the office, and the growing trend of open office concepts, the need for phone booths within an office is apparent. They can provide privacy when engaging in Zoom or Google Meet calls.

The phone booth is not designed to be an employee’s all-day office but can be a space to go to when holding private calls, recording a follow-up video, or connecting with others via video call. 

Telephone booths are simply free-standing pods, outfitted with noise-dampening acoustic panels, that can be placed in an office space. Different options are designed for either individuals or small groups to meet. 


Here are five benefits of the modern phone booth:

1) Privacy

Great for private conversations or calls, the phone booths provide a quiet space. Without fear of being listened to by co-workers, employees can converse on the phone confidently and move around as needed.

2) Noise Cancellation

Phone booths are acoustically engineered and designed to block out office chatter and improve sound for both ends of the call.


3) Reduce distractions and enhance focus

An office buzz is great, but sometimes when feeling overwhelmed or distracted, a private space is needed for a change of scenery. That is where the phone booths come into play. It is a spot to block out the noise of your coworkers collaborating or moving around and eliminates all interruptions.

4) Brings design and attracts Millennials and Gen Z workers.

The concept of a phone booth brings modern design to the workforce, which in turn attracts millennials and Gen Z workers. As these generations become a larger part of the workforce, learning to attract and retain these employees is essential. Furthermore, due to the lack of need, it is found that many of the new generations tend to have a lack of confidence when making calls in public. To provide extra security and confidence a hushed phone booth is the ideal place for these generations to communicate with clients.

5) Customizable 

Phone booths can be customized with just about any feature needed to stay connected and charged. They can be personalized with the adjustability, different configurations, lighting, and more to suit specific needs.


Maybe we haven’t seen the last of phonebooths. Add a phone booth to your office to guarantee your employees have the option of privacy and somewhere to focus. Reach out today for more information! 


All photos courtesy of Hush Office

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