Returning to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone – no matter who you are. We understand that this has been said over and over again, but sadly it is the reality. As a society, we need to look for ways to heal together.

The workplace has just been one small segment affected by COVID-19. Some have worked from their bedroom, others at their kitchen table surrounded by their kids but we feel that bringing back our office staff is a stepping stone to supporting the health and well being of employees.

Have two and a half minutes? Watch this short message from one of our manufacturing partners, WORKSPACE48 to find out what can be done quickly to get your team back together:

How Our Office Environments Impact Our Well-Being

The conditions each of us work in contribute to our wellbeing. It is important that there is adequate lighting and various opportunities to change posture, position, and location. The pandemic has highlighted our need for personal space and the importance of collaborating safely. This has resulted in a need for existing areas to be modified to accommodate employees' concerns.

Mental Health is Just As Important As Physical Health

Our workplaces are made up of an important network of people, which in turn influences our mental health, maybe more than we realize. People need people, your employees need their co-workers. Being supportive and understanding will build confidence and enhance performance.


Being around people creates a buzz and vibe that boosts employee morale. Highly collaborative and supportive teams have perhaps been hit the hardest because the lack of interaction has affected the culture of the company. With some employees working in the office, and others at home it can create an unbalanced and incomplete feeling, which can harm the culture of the company.


It is easier said than done – which evokes the importance of safe and attractive workspaces.


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