Bay’s compact footprint is brought to life with gentle corners and soft edges. Easy ingress and egress, Bay provides an upright, but comfortable place for users to rest. A simple traditional design made elegant with craftmanship construction, Bay is a classic for waiting rooms, but is used in a variety of environments.

  • Available in Child and Adult Size
  • Junior – Recommended for ages up to 10
  • Senior – Recommended for ages 11+
Bay-One Seat-Child - 14" Seat Height (FXFBAY1J)
Bay-One Seat-Adult - 18" Seat Height (FXFBAY1)
Bay-Two Seat-Child - 14" Seat Height (FXFBAY2J)
Bay-Two Seat-Adult - 18" Seat Height (FXFBAY2)
Bay-Three Seat-Child - 14" Seat Height (FXFBAY3J)
Bay-Three Seat-Adult - 18" Seat Height (FXFBAY3)