Integrity Seating

  • Integrity Seating - a beautiful synthesis of form, adaptability and comfort
  • Exceeds BIFMA Seating Durability test ot 500 lbs
  • Arm/Leg connection sealed to eliminate bacteria trap
  • Seat and back cushions can be easily replaced if necessary
  • Unique urethane arms designed for easy ingress and egress
  • Clean-out spacing between seat and back
  • Available in Single Seat, High-Back, Hip Chair, Two-Seat and Three-Seat options
  • Single Seater available in 21" or 31" seat widths
  • 19" Seat Height
Integrity Seating-No Arms-Single Seater (STHNTG100.AL)
Integrity Seating-No Arms-Bariatric (STHNT120.AL)
Integrity Seating-No Arms-Two Seater (STHNT.AL.200)
Integrity Seating-No Arms-Three Seater (STHNT.AL.Three Seater)
Integrity Seating-With Arms-Single Seater (STHNTG110.WA)
Integrity Seating-With Arms-High-Back (STHNTP130)
Integrity Seating-With Arms-Hip Chair (STHNTH130)
Integrity Seating-With Arms-Bariatric (STHNTB120.WA)
Integrity Seating-With Arms-Two Seater (STHNT.WA.200)
Integrity Seating-With Arms-Three Seater (STHNT.WA.Three Seater)
Integrity Seating-No Centre Arm-Single Seater (STHNT.NCA.1)
Integrity Seating-No Centre Arm-High-Back (STHNT.NCA.130)
Integrity Seating-No Centre Arm-Hip Chair (STHNT.NCA.130)
Integrity Seating-No Centre Arm-Bariatric (STHNT.NCA.120)
Integrity Seating-No Centre Arm-Two Seater (STHNT200.NCA)
Integrity Seating-No Centre Arm-Three Seater (STHNT300.NCA)
Integrity Seating-With Centre Arm-Single Seater (STHNT.WCA.1)
Integrity Seating-With Centre Arm-High-Back (STHNT.WCA.130)
Integrity Seating-With Centre Arm-Hip Chair (STHNT.WCA.130)
Integrity Seating-With Centre Arm-Bariatric (STHNT.WCA.120)
Integrity Seating-With Centre Arm-Two Seater (STHNT200.WCA)
Integrity Seating-With Centre Arm-Three Seater (STHNT300.WCA)