Oasis Seating

  • Oasis Seating is designed for high-traffic healthcare spaces
  • Exceeds BIFMA Seating Durability test to 500lbs
  • Seat covers, back covers and arm caps can be easily replaced if necessary
  • Multiple-seat units available with full, half or not intervening arms
  • Arm caps designed for easy ingress and egress
  • Clean-out spacing between seat and back
  • 18.5" Seat Height
Oasis Seating-Standard-Single Seater (STHSO6501)
Oasis Seating-Standard-Bariatric (STHSO6508)
Oasis Seating-Standard-High-Back (STHSO6509)
Oasis Seating-Standard-Hip Chair (STHSO6510)
Oasis Seating-No Centre Arm-Single Seater (STHSO.650.6501)
Oasis Seating-No Centre Arm-Bariatric (STHSO.650.6508)
Oasis Seating-No Centre Arm-High-Back (STHSO.650.6509)
Oasis Seating-No Centre Arm-Hip Chair (STHSO.650.6510)
Oasis Seating-Half Centre Arm-Single Seater (STHSO.650.6501)
Oasis Seating-Half Centre Arm-Bariatric (STHSO.650.6508)
Oasis Seating-Half Centre Arm-High-Back (STHSO.650.6509)
Oasis Seating-Half Centre Arm-Hip Chair (STHSO.650.6510)
Oasis Seating-Full Centre Arm-Single Seater (STHSO.650.6501)
Oasis Seating-Full Centre Arm-Bariatric (STHSO.650.6508)
Oasis Seating-Full Centre Arm-High-Back (STHSO.650.6509)
Oasis Seating-Full Centre Arm-Hip Chair (STHSO.650.6510)
Oasis Seating-Standard-Two Seater (STHSO...2)
Oasis Seating-No Centre Arm-Two Seater (STHSO6502)
Oasis Seating-Half Centre Arm-Two Seater (STHSO6503)
Oasis Seating-Full Centre Arm-Two Seater (STHSO6504)
Oasis Seating-Standard-Three Seater (STHSO...3)
Oasis Seating-No Centre Arm-Three Seater (STHSO6505)
Oasis Seating-Half Centre Arm-Three Seater (STHSO6506)
Oasis Seating-Full Centre Arm-Three Seater (STHSO6507)