Parkway Bench Units

The unique style and construction of this benching program allows for multiple stations with only a recessed leg at the seam. In the center is a powered spine with flip up aluminum lids for easy access to power and data. This design boasts the ability to provide various styles of privacy dividers as well as extensions and storage options.

Call for more details.  Custom sizing, storage, power and privacy options available. 

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Parkway Bench Units-1 (HHH)
Parkway Bench Units-HHH398228 (Parkway Bench Units.HHH398228)
Parkway Bench Units-HHH344162 (Parkway Bench Units.HHH344162)
Parkway Bench Units-HHH344161 (Parkway Bench Units.HHH344161)
Parkway Bench Units-HHH370289 (Parkway Bench Units.HHH370289)
Parkway Bench Units-HHH398423 (Parkway Bench Units.HHH398423)
Parkway Bench Units-HHH398420 (Parkway Bench Units.HHH398420)