Premiere Desking

New, slim-line metal-frame cabinet doors frame a striking array of clear, frosted or painted glass. A highly visual manifestation of enhanced and personalized design. The total effect is empowering. How about painted glass, available in many standard colors including white, graphite & black on metal or design your suite with classic laminate framed clear glass cabinet doors.

Call for pricing.  Custom shapes, sizes, storage options, and power options available. 

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Premiere Desking (HHH)
Premiere Desking-HHH312945 (Premiere Desking.HHH312945)
Premiere Desking-HHH312947 (Premiere Desking.HHH312947)
Premiere Desking-HHH312940 (Premiere Desking.HHH312940)
Premiere Desking-HHH312946 (Premiere Desking.HHH312946)
Premiere Desking-HHH311424 (Premiere Desking.HHH311424)
Premiere Desking-HHH311443 (Premiere Desking.HHH311443)