Twisted Hex

This stacking seat has a twist and it’s more than just the cool looks:

  • Waterproof Cushion: similar flexible foam commonly used in durable shoe soles.
  • Easy to sanitize and clean.
  • Weatherproof: indoor and outdoor performance.
  • Three seat heights are available to fit a wide range of people: 13″, 15.5″, and 18″.
  • Stacking:  efficient storage and all three height units can stack together.
  • Integrated Handles: easy to pick up and move around.
  • Wide Base: great seating stability.
  • Stay Dry Top:  slightly crowned cushion designed for water runoff and quick drying.
Twisted Hex-13" (TJM41007AX )
Twisted Hex-15.5" (TJM41007MX)
Twisted Hex-18" (TJM41007BX)