Uni Flip Tables

The innovative Uni Flip table supports modern work dynamics as a superb choice for conference, training, meeting and catering facilities as well as quickly meeting the demand for extra working space for projects.


  • Silver powder coat or Chrome posts, frames, rail & pull bars, black castors
  • Locking Castors
Uni Flip Tables-48" x 24" (W48UNIFLIP1260S/W)
Uni Flip Tables-60" x 24" (W48UNIFLIP1560S/W)
Uni Flip Tables-72" x 24" (W48UNIFLIP1860S/W)
Uni Flip Tables-48" x 30" (W48UNIFLIP1275S/W)
Uni Flip Tables-60" x 30" (W48UNIFLIP1575S/W)
Uni Flip Tables-72" x 30" (W48UNIFLIP1875S/W)
Uni Flip Tables-72" x 36" (W48UNIFLIP189S/W)