Simplicity in design belies a complexity in design execution. Solid wood legs have been crafted to meet a metal sleeve and framework in an original, modern approach.  Detailing with thin profiles, visible cabinet seams and pull-less drawers were the starting point.

Echoing a time past, Woodstock reflects aspirations of a dynamic new time going forward.

Call for more details.  Custom sizing, storage, power and privacy options available.

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Woodstock-1 (HHH)
Woodstock-HHH435806 (Woodstock.HHH435806)
Woodstock-HHH435805 (Woodstock.HHH435805)
Woodstock-HHH435810 (Woodstock.HHH435810)
Woodstock-HHH435818 (Woodstock.HHH435818)
Woodstock-HHH419307 (Woodstock.HHH419307)
Woodstock-HHH425503 (Woodstock.HHH425503)