About Accent

Accent Environments is a well-established company that has a passion for creating attractive and efficient work and learning environments.  Focusing on four key industries, we care deeply about our customers, our products, and each other.

Education | Office | Healthcare | Hospitality

Since 1986, Accent has been a furniture supplier with roots in Manitoba and expanding into the Ontario area as well as North Dakota.  Our clients have trusted us to complete over 29,000 installations. Accent has helped clients, completing large and small projects ranging from furnishing an entire building down to the retrofit of an individual workspace.

We Care About Our Customers

At Accent, we offer exceptional service and care about every client we work with. From the first phone call right through to order and delivery, we provide outstanding assistance all along the journey. Accent will help you find the best solution for your needs while delivering quality service.

We Care About Our Products

Accent stands behind our quality products to meet your needs. Many of our products boast a limited lifetime warranty and are made right here in North America. We have partnered with hundreds of manufacturers to help us source the exact products you need to complete your project.

We Care About Each Other

Accent Environments is a people-centered company. We genuinely care about our customers, our team, and the community. Here at Accent, our culture is about putting others' interests ahead of our own and looking out for each other. Accent Environments is committed to improvement, continually embracing customer feedback to measure their level of satisfaction and our performance. Furthermore, our company has supported numerous charities for over 30 years.