Just Right Zone

What is the Just Right Zone?

Just Right Zone is our natural learning spot.  It is the position or way in which we learn the best.  For some, their Just Right Zone may be standing and moving around.  For others, it may be working in a collaborative group, or it may be off on their own.

Educators have taught us that when each student is in their own natural learning zone, they feel included, are more engaged and get the most out of their learning experience in your classroom.  

As every student has a different learning style, we have designed an Accentuated Learning Environment, which has three main Zones.  Learners need the flexibility to work in the zone that best fits their learning need at the time.  

Let's define the Focused, Collaborative, and the Dynamic Zones.  

FOCUSED ZONE:  This is where learners who learn best individually naturally gravitate.

COLLABORATIVE ZONE: The collaborative zone features both a semi collaborative area where 2 or 3 persons can group together and learn from one another, as well as larger collaborative areas for up to 5 or 6 learners.   

DYNAMIC ZONE: This is typically an area where students can stand, or sit on stools at higher group tables and individual desks. This is usually the furthest point from the main teaching area, allowing the teachers eye level to be at the same as those furthest away from them.  We have seen significant decrease in negative behavior by just adding this zone into existing spaces.