3 Reasons why you should have a Makerspace in your School

3 Reasons why you should have a Makerspace in your School

Makerspaces - the big buzz word in many schools today. What are they and why are they important? 

Makerspaces allow learners to apply their learning practically through hands-on demonstration. Hands-on learning promotes critical thinking and creativity whether it be through the use of technology, robotics, 3-D Printers, Lego or K'nex. 

"What do you do in Makerspaces? The simple answer is you make things. Things that you are curious about. Things that spring from your imagination. Things that inspire you and things that you admire. The informal, playful atmosphere allows learning to unfold, rather than conform to a rigid agenda. Making, rather than consuming is the focus. It is craft, engineering, technology and wonder-driven." - Thinkers and Tinkers 

So, why do you need one in your school? Here are just a few ideas on why we believe that every school should have a Makerspace. 

1. Allows for Creativity  

Makerspaces allow students to be creative and explore their own ideas. A makerspace gives students the ability to explore something they are interested in, without a set of directions or instructions. “Makerspaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering.” Jennifer Cooper, Designing a School Makerspace (Edutopia)

2. Gives kids space to fail and gives them the space to try again

With the flexibility of the Makerspace, in time and materials, this gives kids the opportunity to work on their own projects, solve problems with others and try out new things over and over again. Makerspaces can be a laboratory of trial and error for students; a place for kids to explore and learn from their mistakes. 

3. Gives kids a chance to show a skill or talent in a way that they may not be able to in English or Math class. 

We know all children have different strengths and different weaknesses. Those students who may not be able to memorize their times tables or recite the lines of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, may be able to build something, create something or invent something! 

To inquire as to how to begin creating a Makerspace in your school, feel free to contact us at info@accentenvironments.com or 1-800-665-9378! 

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