5 Must-Haves for Your Summer Events

5 Must-Haves for Your Summer Events

Summer is finally on the horizon and along with that comes the increase of socials, weddings, and other events!

Whether you are a golf course, church, community, hotel, recreation, or any event center - create a welcoming space to host events and consider these 5 Must Haves:

1) Folding Tables

Foldable tables are highly convenient because they are simple to put up, disassemble, and store.

Due to their foldable design, they offer a quick way to transform empty spaces into dining rooms or lecture halls and maximize storage space when not in use. Although they may not be the most attractive, folding tables can be easily disguised by a simple tablecloth and other decorations!

Folding tables come in different sizes and shapes, such as round, rectangle, and square, to accommodate different needs.


2) Folding Chairs

Foldable chairs offer the same advantages as folding tables in that they are lightweight and portable. Depending on the event, this makes it simple to carry and put up a big number of seats fast and efficiently. Folding chairs, like folding tables, take up less room than standard chairs, which is especially significant in situations when space is restricted, and chairs must be stowed when not in use.

Folding chairs can be easily moved around as needed making it ideal where seating arrangements may need to be adjusted on the fly.

Browse through a couple variations of folding chairs or reach out for more options! 

3) Soft Seating

When you add soft seating to your venue, it enhances both the area and the entire feel of the event. Comfortable seating adds a sense of calm to the environment, allowing guests to take a seat and relax.

Comfortable sitting is essential. Consider these scenarios.

If you're a guest and there are hundreds of people milling around, you may feel the urge to rest on a soft seating to possibly 'getaway' and refresh yourself before returning to the event.

It could be a corporate gathering where a group is brainstorming. When a person is sitting on a comfortable chair, creative ideas flow.

Or perhaps someone simply requires a temporary change of seat - soft seating is ideal for this!

Add design and comfort to your event space with soft seating! 


4) Outdoor Seating/Benches/Patio Furniture

For many places, summer is only for a few months of the year so any opportunity to be outside is seized! Outdoor furniture is appealing and creates a positive first impression for visitors. When exposed to fresh air and an outside environment, many guests feel more at ease and calm.


5) Outdoor Waste/Recycling Bins

Garbage and recycling are always present at any event! It is critical to have waste and recycling bins easily available for both the environment and to keep the place appearing tidy for your guests. Make sure they are attractive and clean in order to encourage people to use them and appreciate their cleanliness.


Of course, each event is unique and requires a distinct set of furnishings, so call us and let us assist you in designing your event area and ensuring you have everything ready for your guests! 

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