Benefits of E-Sports Spaces in Schools Today

Benefits of E-Sports Spaces in Schools Today

Esports, or competitive video gaming is becoming increasingly popular in the education field today. Many schools are incorporating e-sports spaces because they see that it is a way to engage students and promote teamwork, problem solving skills, and strategic thinking!

What exactly is E-sports? “Esports is a subcategory of the gaming industry where teams participate in organized, primarily online, video gaming competitions. Multiple players work together to compete against an opposing team with a shared objective to win a game.” (Source:

There are many benefits to integrate E-sports into school programs. Here are five benefits:

1) Collaboration and teamwork skills.

Working with others is a huge part of E-sports. In order to be successful, students need to work with their team, understand different skills within each team member and communicate effectively in order to develop team synergy. 

2) Gives students the opportunity to explore for future careers

Some argue that esports and schools do not typically go hand in hand, however it gives students the opportunity to pursue their interests and possible future careers. E-sports play an important part in technology and often skills developed are valuable for careers like “game development, sports management, and even broadcasting” (Source: Even still, skills developed such as strategic thinking and adaptability can be applied through a variety of industries and professions.  

3) Engages students & promotes diversity

Students come from very diverse circumstances and within a school there will be a wide range of interests. As technology has advanced, many students our passionate about video games, and esports can be a way for schools to channel that passion in a positive and productive activity. This will increase engagement within the school and in turn reduce the number of absences.


4) Enhances brain function and capabilities 

Esports are known to improve reaction time, hand-eye coordination, enhanced visual perception and attention to detail. Many games require quick reflexes and often require fast reaction times which can help improve overall processing speed and cognitive function.

5)  Encourages healthy competition

Esports promotes healthy competition both within the team and with competing teams. This helps students to be motivated and handle success and failure.

You may be asking…how do I incorporate esports in our school?

Like other school sports, Esports may be an extracurricular option, you should be providing for your students. Set up a team and compete with other schools in organized leagues and tournaments! This can be a great way for students to develop their skills, build relationships with peers who share their interests, and represent their school in a positive way.

Some schools have created after-school clubs where students can gather to play games and socialize with other gamers. These clubs may be less competitive than official teams but can still provide a sense of community and a safe space for students to pursue their interests.

Esports can also be incorporated into the curriculum to teach concepts in areas such as computer science, math, and physics. 


In addition to this, many colleges and universities now offer programs that provide scholarship to competitive games so skills can be furthered developed.

Looking to design a Esports center in your school? We’d love to help you furnish the space! Esports often require a lot of sitting so providing ergonomic options for your students is an essential part of an Esports. 


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