2016 Pedagogy & Space Latest News!

2016 Pedagogy & Space Latest News!

Plans are coming together for Mark Osborne to join us in Canada. On November 1st, Mark will be in Winnipeg to share his latest research about Learning Environments and how they affect the Well-Being of our students, as well as teaching staff.  Following Mark's presentation, we will host a workshop to explore Inclusivity and what it means.  We will also the discuss Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, and how it applies to Inclusivity. 

Mark Osborne is a Senior Consultant who works in Future-Focused Education, particularly in the areas of Modern Learning Environments, Leadership and eLearning.  His personal mission is to turn all schools into 'awesomeness incubators'. Mark helps schools and centres build great spaces to learn while helping educators develop the capacity to make the most of those spaces. To read Mark Osborne's full bio click here.

This year, we will also be hosting similar events in Brandon, MB on Thursday, November 3rd, Toronto, ON on Monday, October 31st and Thunder Bay, ON on Friday November 4th.  We look forward to sharing Mark's expertise with educators in other areas of the province and in Ontario this year! During these events, we will be exploring the latest developments in the power of the learning environment to be 'the third teacher', or to accelerate learning and develop within our learners the competencies required to be happy and successful in life.  Key areas of exploration will include teaching and learning strategies, technology, furniture and classroom layouts.

Sign-up now available! Click below to reserve your seat for which event you would like to attend! 



We are so excited have Mark Osborne, from New Zealand, coming again!  Following the great success of last year's Pedagogy & Space Seminar in Winnipeg, we are greatly anticipating November! :)  

Please stay tuned for more details as the plans for his visit are finalized! 

Let us know your thoughts! #pedagogyandspace

If you have any questions, comments, or special requests, please send them to me at: sheila.henry@accentenvironments

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