Case Study: Feedback from the Students!

Case Study: Feedback from the Students!

Having recently completed a Makerspace/Learning Commons area at St. Augustine School in Brandon MB, we thought we would share some feedback we received from them. Here is some results they gave us of a survey they completed before and after the space was redesigned: 

Student Beliefs, Prior to the New Furniture: 

- 84% of students stated that the old furniture did not help them to want to stay and learn - They were not in their Just Right Zone

73% of students said the old furniture was not made for personalized learning

- 78% of students believed the old furniture was not made with students' needs in mind

- 93% of students stated that they think it is important that students can choose which seat they want to use

- 94% of students said they learn better when they are able to have choice, comfort and movement when they need it

Student Feedback, a few months after the using the New Furniture: 

Many students said they feel that they can stay longer now in the Learning Commons rather than before due to the new furniture

- Most students say the reason they like the furniture is that they can move around more when needed and collaborate with their peers

Student Feedback, in their own words: 

- It's a new place to learn - I feel good in it! 

- The furniture is customized to fit every need and personality which is great.

- I think it made a big difference in everyone's learning experience and it's more enjoyable.

- I like ho the furniture fits to everyone's different personality. I like the colour that is added to the library. 

And the one that warmed our hearts... :) 

- I am feeling at home - it is really comfortable then ever - a nice place to work. I am really enjoying it and I pay more attention. 

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