2015 Pedagogy & Space Seminar

2015 Pedagogy & Space Seminar

On November 16th, the day we had been anxiously awaiting, finally arrived: Our Pedagogy & Space Seminar, featuring Mark Osborne all the way from New Zealand.  With over 200 attendees, the Gates on Roblin was the perfect venue for this seminar.  We began with a delicious soup and sandwich lunch, while networking with others around us. 

At 1:00 Mark Osborne began his two hour presentation, filled with many thought-provoking facts, images, and studies.  His presentation focused on two main things: the Drivers of Change, and the link between Pedagogy and Space.   

After Mark's Presentation, our Learning Environment Specialist, Russell Evans spoke for a few minutes, and introduced some of the team here at Accent. While wine and hors d'oeuvres were served, attendees got the option to stay and mingle with others, and our staff, or to leave the event.  We had many people stay, very interested in our Accentuated Classroom we had set up in the room. Attendees had the chance to try out the different tables and chairs we had brought along!

Thank you to those who attended this event, to help make it a great success! Here are a few pictures from the event.


Master of Ceremonies, Tim Horch                      Mark Osborne                                               The venue: The Gates on Roblin                         Hokki Stool Prize Draw

Feel free to tell us about your experience, thoughts, and opinions on this Seminar below!  

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