Why do we need movement in our classrooms? 

Movement is a necessity to increasing engagement in the classroom. In order to meet the needs of each learner in our classroom environment, we need to have options for students to move while they work and learn.

Studies, such as the one below have shown how much impact allowing small amounts of movement can increase focus and engagement. Movement allows increase blood flow, which increases oxygen delivery to the brain, which is required for concentration and alertness, as well as many other positive health benefits for the entire body. 

Here are 3 ways to bring movement into your classroom:

Rockers - The passive movement of a rocking chair is excellent for the learners that can sit still, but not for long period of time. This type of movement is also very beneficial for those known as the 'tippers' that would tip back on a 4 legged chair. The reason for those students tipping is not necessarily to be an annoyance, but rather their body is crying out for a change in posture. The rocker solves this challenge and allows some subtle movement where the student can then focus on the task rather that how to move on a non-movable chair! Click here to view our Rockers.

Hokki Stool - Hokki stools will increase student focus and therefore engagement for two types of learners. Learners who need to fidget and be in constant movement will gain great benefit by sitting on a tool that allows them to move freely and naturally. Other learners who are somewhat lethargic will be stimulated by keeping their core engaged, thus enabling proper blood flow and circulation to the brain. Proper blood flow allows for more oxygen being distributed to the brain, and helps us feel more awake. Click here to view the Hokki Stool.

Standing - Standing is a very natural way to add small movements and increase student engagement. It allows for better sight lines and the feeling of 'being closer' while being further away from what may be the front of the class. Reports have proved that by standing for all or part of a class period, engagement can be increased by as much as 7 minutes per hour! Click here to view our standing height desks and tables. 


For more information on ways to incorporate movement into your learning environment give us a call at 1-800-665-9378 or email us at info@accentenvironments.com

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