COVID-19 Response

Throughout the past few months, many students would have traveled through an eventful journey. During this journey, some students would have been confronted with helplessness, unknowns, excitement, and maybe even fear! To ensure each and every student will feel safe and secure, we must prepare for a change in school environments.

At Accent, we want to help you prepare for the new journey that lies ahead. Whether you are a principal, an admin assistant, a teacher, a custodian, a parent, or a student, there will be changes in the way we feel, act, and learn. We can see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and even though there will be differences in our everyday lives, we can start preparing for this now!

Download our brochure here: 

Back To School!-Post Covid Environments

Accent has also developed a sanitizer kit comprising of SHIELD sanitizer stands, along with hand sanitizers and pumps. 

Download our flyer here: 

SHIELD Sanitizer Kit