Focused Zone

Study Carrels perfect for individual focused work at the Canadian Mennonite University Library.

All learners need the flexibility to work in a zone that best fits their learning need at the time.  This is what we call the  - our natural learning spot. 

The Focuse Area is where learners who learn best naturally gravitate.  While we need to encourage collaboration and teach that skill, we cannot overlook those who are more introverted or intrapersonal.  In order to learn, persons have to feel safe and be in their  in order to learn best.  Our studies have proven that there is still a need for 25% of your student space to be individual. 

Not all learners need motion to concentrate.  While the body is designed to move, not be static, stability is at times needed for certain types of learners during certain task to allow them to focus properly.  Seating that provides a solid feeling with some build in flexibility in the back design give the learner the amount of stability they need to fully concentrate and feel comfortable at the same time.