At Accent Environments, our high client approval rating is a result of the project methodology we employ to create a dynamic classroom setting where students learn and educators teach according to their natural tendencies. Because each classroom is a totally unique social gathering, we have developed the Plan4 Design and Planning Process to ensure a successful implementation of the Accentuated Learning Environment in your classroom.

The Plan4 Implementation Process consists of four phases:

1) Consultative Discovery Process.  

The first step toward a successful Accentuated Learning Environment implementation is research. We strive to understand the unique challenges within your classroom. What is your preferred teaching style? What is the makeup of students? What are the physical constraints of the class and are there any unique layout concerns? The result of our discovery is a clearer picture of the solution and an understanding of the optimum configuration of the focused, collaborative and dynamic learning zones.

2) Accentuated Learning Environment Classroom Recommendations.

Based upon our discovery process, we provide written recommendations including four unique areas A) layout of the classroom divided into focused, collaborative and dynamic learning zones; B) component configuration and location of the classroom chairs, tables, desks and accessories; C) physical environmental recommendations including lighting, air quality, and sound clarity; D) aesthetic recommendations including color usage, organization clutter, and line of sight suggestions.

3) Accentuated Learning Environment Installation.

Prior to the physical installation of your classroom furniture, we stage all the classroom components at our facility to ensure a turnkey installation in a single instance. The date of the installation is scheduled to minimize classroom interruption. Our installation specialists follow an established methodology and checklist process:

   - We install on schedule at the predetermined time.
   - Professional uniformed installers with identification for campus security purposes.
   - Respect for your classroom with the utmost care given to avoid any facility damage.
   - We remove all packaging and leave the classroom clean.
   - We explain to you what we are doing and treat you with respect.

4) Accentuated Learning Environment Best Practices Knowledge Transfer.  

Upon the completion of an Accentuated Learning Environment installation, your learning environment specialist will review the changes in your new classroom with you and ensure everything was completed to your satisfaction. In addition, your specialist will provide you with some "best practices" suggestions, including student interaction strategies and how to maximize the benefits of your transition from a traditional classroom to one with focused, collaborative and dynamic learning zones.