3000 Series Folding Chair

Customize your folding chairs to suit your need! 

Standard 3400 - Seen in locker rooms and on sidelines throughout the world, the 3400 model is a timeless classic that offers the performance and durability you expect. Plus, with printed or embroidered logos available on the padded seats and seat backs, it gives your gymnasium or arena an added boost of team spirit.

3400C - with a contour foam and ultraflex suspension seat for exceptional guest comfort.

3400HD -   features the placement of additional support components at critical stress points to hold more weight with a weight limit of 350lbs. 

3400W -  Adding 1 ½” (38 mm) to make a wider seat gives users extra personal space with a thick seat cushion 

3000 Series Folding Chair-Standard (CLS3400)
3000 Series Folding Chair-With Contour Foam (CLS3400C)
3000 Series Folding Chair-Heavy Duty Titan (CLS3400HD)
3000 Series Folding Chair-Extra Wide Seat (CLS3400W)