Coat Cubbies

These Coat Cubbies use rounded, double hooked coat hangers for back packs, jackets and more. Top cubbies are excellent for parents' papers or additional child items. Get a Corner Unit to make the most of your classroom space. Each unit has bench seating.

Dimensions: 3 Section - 40"L x 47"H x 14"D
Dimensions: 4 Section - 48"L x 47"H x 14"D 
Dimensions: 5 Section - 56"L x 47"H x 14"D 
Dimensions: Corner Unit - 31"L x 47"H x 14"D

Coat Cubbies-3 Section (TRJS395-3)
Coat Cubbies-4 Section (TRJS394)
Coat Cubbies-5 Section (TRJS395)
Coat Cubbies-Corner unit (TRJS395C)