Session Ottomans

  • Easy Wash – use soap, water, and many common cleaning products
  • Easy Disinfect – use 9:1 water to bleach ratio, hydrogen peroxide, and other disinfectants.  There are no stitched seams or hidden crevices where bacteria can harbor
  • Stay Dry Top:  Designed so liquids run off the top to keep the seat surface dry
  • Raised Bottom:  allows air flow under the design to eliminate moisture trapping
  • Round Edges:  increased safety by eliminating sharp edges and corners
  • Wide Base:  great seating stability
  • MAS Certified Green for healthier indoor air quality

For Indoors or Outdoors!

Session Ottomans-Circle-14" (TJM11301AX)
Session Ottomans-Circle-17" (TJM11301BX)
Session Ottomans-Cube-14" (TJM11201AX)
Session Ottomans-Cube-17" (TJM11201BX)
Session Ottomans-Crescent-14" (TJM11401AX)
Session Ottomans-Crescent-17" (TJM11401BX)