A contemporary version of the classic club chair, the Era Collection is the picture of relaxed sophistication. Era provides the ideal location to sit back, relax, and either communicate, read, or simply unwind. Era’s collection features both children and adult sizes, allowing all generations to be comfortable in any environment.

  • Available in Child and Adult Size
  • Junior – Recommended for ages up to 10
  • Senior – Recommended for ages 11+


Era-One Seat-Child - 14" Seat Height (FXFERA1J)
Era-One Seat-Adult - 18" Seat Height (FXFERA1)
Era-Two Seat-Child - 14" Seat Height (FXFERA2J)
Era-Two Seat-Adult - 18" Seat Height (FXFERA2)
Era-Three Seat-Child - 14" Seat Height (FXFERA3J)
Era-Three Seat-Adult - 18" Seat Height (FXFERA3)