Iris End Table

Versatile and sleek, Iris provides an understated modern elegance that complements a variety of seating arrangements.


  • Sleek soft shaped tops
  • Low-profile base
  • Solid steel disc for durability and cleanability
  • Available in either 16” or 20” height
  • Non-removable PTFE glides


  • Available in thermofoil or solid surface top
  • Standard or premium metal finish
Iris End Table-19.75"-Round-16" (STHIRTR-20D-16)
Iris End Table-19.75"-Round-20" (STHIRTR-20D-20)
Iris End Table-19.75"-Soft-square-16" (STHRTS-2020-16)
Iris End Table-19.75"-Soft-square-20" (STHIRTS-2020-20)
Iris End Table-23.75"-Round-16" (STHIRTR-24D-16)
Iris End Table-23.75"-Round-20" (STHIRTR-24D-20)
Iris End Table-23.75"-Soft-square-16" (STHIRTS-2424-16)
Iris End Table-23.75"-Soft-square-20" (STHIRTS-2424-20)