The Joy Lounge Collection offers modern wing-back styling and a spacious seat for all ages. The Joy Collection brings an element of sophistication to any environment. The availability of two different seat heights, 14” or 18”, Joy can comfortably seat both young and old alike.

  • Available in Child and Adult Size
  • Junior – Recommended for ages up to 10
  • Senior – Recommended for ages 11+


Joy-One Seat-Child - 14" Seat Height (FXFJOY1J)
Joy-One Seat-Adult - 18" Seat Height (FXFJOY1)
Joy-Two Seat-Child - 14" Seat Height (FXFJOY2J)
Joy-Two Seat-Adult - 18" Seat Height (FXFJOY2)
Joy-Three Seat -Child - 14" Seat Height (FXFJOY3J)
Joy-Three Seat -Adult - 18" Seat Height (FXFJOY3)