MultiStation OS

Whether you need to create call centres, multiple-user workstations or private offices within an open space, MultiStation OS sets a new benchmark in refined styling and functional versatility by combining the best of systesm and casegoods furniture.

Call for more details.  Custom sizing, storage, power and privacy options available.

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MultiStation OS-1 (HHHMST.1)
MultiStation OS-HHH391257 (MultiStation OS.HHH391257)
MultiStation OS-HHH362012 (MultiStation OS.HHH362012)
MultiStation OS-HHH231211 (MultiStation OS.HHH231211)
MultiStation OS-HHH362009 (MultiStation OS.HHH362009)
MultiStation OS-HHH324557 (MultiStation OS.HHH324557)
MultiStation OS-HHH324559 (MultiStation OS.HHH324559)