The original MultiStations OS one-inch-thick panel divider system will now have the option between a metal framework system (seven inch height increments) and a monolithic frameless panel offering under the new banner MultiStations+.

Whereas MultiStations OS was dependent on an aluminum framework to combine panels, now with MultiStations+ a new connection system has been created to attach panels without the requirement of metal trim. The frameless dividers provide a clean, fresh look without the need of the visible metal framework.

Call for more details.  Custom sizing, storage, power and privacy options available.

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Multistations+-1 (Multistations+.1)
Multistations+-HHH434996 (Multistations+.HHH434996)
Multistations+-HHH436444 (Multistations+.HHH436444)
Multistations+-HHH436446 (Multistations+.HHH436446)
Multistations+-HHH445565 (Multistations+.HHH445565)
Multistations+-HHH434996 (Multistations+.HHH434996)
Multistations+-HHH435091 (Multistations+.HHH435091)