Rio Ottoman

The Rio is the cylinder of the stool family. When placed in a room full of straight lines and edges, Rio softens it and makes it feel like home. It is a classic style stool used in many ways: a footstool, a seat, you name it! As with our other stools it is also available in 3 distinct sizes, to fit your needs to perfection.

  • Available in three heights to accommodate all ages
Rio-14" Seat Height -Rio (18"D) (FXFRIO14)
Rio-14" Seat Height -Rio2 (25"D) (FXFRIO214)
Rio-14" Seat Height -Rio3 (30"D) (FXFRIO314)
Rio-16" Seat Height-Rio (18"D) (FXFRIO16)
Rio-16" Seat Height-Rio2 (25"D) (FXFRIO216)
Rio-16" Seat Height-Rio3 (30"D) (FXFRIO316)
Rio-18" Seat Height-Rio (18"D) (FXFRIO18)
Rio-18" Seat Height-Rio2 (25"D) (FXFRIO218)
Rio-18" Seat Height-Rio3 (30"D) (FXFRIO318)