Study Carrel

Finding a quiet individual space in a bustling busy classroom can sometimes be rather difficult. Our studies have proven that although collaboration is necessary in today’s world, we cannot overlook those of a more introverted or intrapersonal makeup – There is still a need for 25% of your student space to be individual.  To create an area for high focused individual tasks to be completed, we have the Study Carrel. This box like desk is the perfect space to work on studying for your next exam or writing that argumentative speech.

  • Adjustable height legs, suitable for any age range
  • Sitting Height or Standing Height Legs available to suit a variety of tasks
  • Sturdy top and sides will stand up to the frequent usage
Study Carrel-26" x 20"-AR (HHH372341-1.AR)
Study Carrel-30" x 24"-AR (HHH372184-3.AR)
Study Carrel-36" x 24"-AR (HHH368428-4.AR)
Study Carrel-26" x 20"-AH (HHH372341-1.AH)
Study Carrel-30" x 24"-AH (HHH372184-3.AH)
Study Carrel-36" x 24"-AH (HHH368428-4.AH)