Triple Solo Table

The Solo is another simple yet precision enginered table base making it easy to create the ambiance you want.

  • 1" thick 45lb high density particle board
  • High pressure scratch resistant laminate
  • Chewing gum resistant table backing
  • 3mm vinyl bonded edgeband
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Triple 4" column and disk base with felt feet
  • Fixed 42" high
  • Durable powder coat finish
Triple Solo Table-24" x 84"-29.5" (MBPTSOL2484)
Triple Solo Table-24" x 84"-42" (Bistro) (MBPTSOL2484.42)
Triple Solo Table-24" x 96"-29.5" (MBPTSOL2496)
Triple Solo Table-24" x 96"-42" (Bistro) (MBPTSOL2496.42)
Triple Solo Table-30" x 84"-29.5" (MBPTSOL3084)
Triple Solo Table-30" x 84"-42" (Bistro) (MBPTSOL3084.42)
Triple Solo Table-30" x 96" -29.5" (MBPTSOL3096)
Triple Solo Table-30" x 96" -42" (Bistro) (MBPTSOL3096.42)