Wĕl is a ring of 8 ottomans that symbolizes the Medicine Circle. For centuries Aboriginalpeople have used the four directions of the medicine circle as a tool for learning and teaching. Separated into 4 different colors, each color represents a different aspect ofthe teachings. The number four has many significant meanings for the Aboriginal people,some of which include directions, stages and aspects of life, seasons, elements of nature,animals, and ceremonial plants. Today, Wĕl can be used as a valuable teaching andconversational tool to connect all people to the Indigenous culture.

  • Available in three heights to accommodate all ages
Wĕl-14" Seat Height (FXFWĔL14)
Wĕl-16" Seat Height (FXFWĔL16)
Wĕl-18" Seat Height (FXFWĔL18)