Workshelf starts with a primary power-beam from this beam you add creative storage and open access components to create a work area that fits your needs.  By stacking and layering the individual and shared storage modules, every work station can have what it needs.

The cantilever an dopen asymmentrical shelves offer freedom to place items and objects in an orderly but creative fashion.  

Call for more details.  Custom sizing, storage, power and privacy options available.

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Workshelf-1 (HHHWSF.1)
Workshelf-HHH378937 (Workshelf.HHH378937)
Workshelf-HHH378940 (Workshelf.HHH378940)
Workshelf-HHH378941 (Workshelf.HHH378941)
Workshelf-HHH378940 (Workshelf.HHH378940)
Workshelf-HHH378222 (Workshelf.HHH378222)