5 Must-Haves in a Library Space

5 Must-Haves in a Library Space

Library spaces stimulate learning, encourage socialization and community-building, so designing a library which promotes all of this is essential.

5 Must Haves when designing or outfitting a library space:

1) Comfy Seating

Libraries provide patrons with a comfortable and welcoming environment to read, study, or relax. Having a wide range of comfy seating is important, especially for those who are studying or reading for extended periods of time. All ages and walks of life visit the library which makes it critical to provide seating for all patrons - including children, teenagers, those with mobility issues and elderly people.

What about adding children’s size soft seating such as the Hue Jr, Uva, or Era. Or put a configuration of Ace, which can be arranged in many ways. Include some Bean Bags, and Floor Cushions!

Comfy seating increases engagement and is an invitation to patrons. They are more likely to visit your library if they can relax and get comfortable!


2) Acoustics

Good acoustics significantly impact the experience and functionality of the space. Libraries are typically quieter places, so adding noise-dampening objects can help reduce noise levels and create a peaceful atmosphere conducive to concentration and focus.

Furthermore, good acoustics can also enhance the functionality of a library by allowing for a variety of activities to take place in different areas without disturbing others. For example, group study areas can be designed to allow for collaborative work without disrupting nearby quiet study areas.

Browse through many variations of acoustic paneling! Think about wall panels or hanging baffles, or even a mural!

3) Flexible Shelving/Storage

Having mobile and flexible shelving & storage in your library improves the usability of the space. Modular storage units can be reconfigured and relocated, depending on the activity or event. In addition, flexible shelving and storage adapts to changing needs and trends. As a library changes and grows, these units can be rearranged to accommodate new challenges and activites.

Check out the Shift+ Units, Durecon, and the Sola Mobile Shelving!


4) Phone Booth/Quiet Space

Modern phone booths (not the traditional phone booth, which is essentially obsolete) are great for privacy, so they are a must-have in libraries. It is an ideal space for patrons to block out all distractions and concentrate on a book or research.  Booths are outfitted with noise-dampening panels and are designed for individuals.  As well, some can accommodate small groups.

5) Circulation Desk

A circulation desk is a crucial component of a library, serving as a hub for many essential library services. This is a busy place! An efficient circulation desk helps your staff provide better service to your patrons.

Think about a mobile circulation desk like Axis or Navigate to promote flexibility and to allow easy changes in the future!


Looking to create an inviting and functional Library? Consider these 5 Must-Haves.  Please reach out to Accent, we would love to be a part of the process! 

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